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Adobe InDesign CC

A Complete Course and Compendium of Features

The book you’re reading about right now was created with Adobe InDesign CC. And that’s the case no matter which reading format you prefer—whether it’s the physical book made of plant fiber and ink, or the digital version made of electrons in an e-reader. In fact, most of the books...
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Stephen Laskevitch


400 pages


8 x 10in


Soft Cover- without flaps





  • PROJECT: An Introduction to Layout
  • Chapter 1: Quick Setup: Workspaces and Preferences
  • Chapter 2: Frames and Shapes
  • Chapter 3: Styles: Professional Format Control
  • Chapter 4: Text Frames and Their Options
  • PROJECT: Promotional Handout
  • Chapter 5: Document Structure
  • PROJECT: Build a Brochure
  • Chapter 6: Long Document Features
  • Chapter 7: Tables and Tabs
  • Chapter 8: Output
  • Chapter 1: Workspaces and Preferences
  • Chapter 2: Frames and Content
  • Chapter 3: Styles
  • Chapter 4: Typography
  • Chapter 5: Pages and Spreads
  • Chapter 6: Color
  • Chapter 7: Find/Change
  • Chapter 8: Long Document Features
  • Chapter 9: Output

2 reviews for Adobe InDesign CC

  • (verified owner)

    This book is certainly great. If you are to buy just one book of InDesgin CC, buy this one!
    Mr. Laskevitch is a profesional trainer on InDesign and this shows in this book. He carefully guides you from the most simple task to the most complex one, meanwhile explaining the advantage of structuring documents, text and table styles and principles of design. Also, it is a book that will need to be read with InDesign to follow the examples; an eBook (whether PDF or ePub) is a must here.

    Coming from PageMaker, I never used InDesign a lot (albeit it was very cheap at first) because FrameMaker covered my needs of long structured documents. Adobe axed FrameMaker for Mac and having to use it under Windows emulation was not an efficient way. I always though that InDesign could not substitute FrameMaker in the Mac OS. Until I read this book.

  • (verified owner)

    This book in itself is a beautiful work of book design. I was so pleasantly surprised with the layout and content when I received the book yesterday. Lessons start nice and easy but also cross reference to the in depth compendium. As I am familiar with the Photoshop and some other Adobe interfaces – this book is presented in a way that can accomodate some existing knowledge and surge forward with the learning that I need. Congratulations to the author and the Rocky Nook team – its definitely the best book I have seen on learning and a reference on InDesign.

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