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Powered by Design

An Introduction to Problem Solving with Graphic Design

The design industry has evolved rapidly over the past decade. Effective and successful designers no longer need to just “make things,” they need to be curious thinkers who understand how to solve problems that have a true impact on the world we live in and how to show the...
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Renee Stevens


240 pages




Soft Cover- without flaps





  • Chapter 1: Design Thinking
  • Chapter 2: Designing for Humans
  • Chapter 3: Expressive Typography
  • Chapter 4: Relationships Are Hard
  • Chapter 5: Lay It All Out
  • Chapter 6: The Whole
  • Chapter 7: Tell a Story
  • Chapter 8: Do Less
  • Chapter 9: Meaningful Experiences
  • Chapter 10: Activate the Senses
  • Chapter 11: Time and Space
  • Chapter 12: Make a Living
  • Chapter 13: Design in Circles

1 review for Powered by Design

  • (verified owner)

    I am not a designer, so I assume that this book is for people like me, and those starting in the world of graphic design.

    From my perspective, I would say that this is an excellent book.

    Renee has an excellent premise: if appropriately used, good design can solve problems. Her approach is very systematic. There are specific topics that I found particularly useful. For instance, the whole topic on fonts has helped my clarify my approach to how I would like to present myself in the world of self-publishing.

    I did mention that her approach is systematic. This approach is helpful for anyone who wants to go back and look up specific topics.

    Overall, the book has given me a better appreciation of the world of design, and all that it encompasses.

    I recommend this book to people in the creative field. I also recommend this to corporate executives who are engaged in branding, communication, or anyone who has to design a layout (even a warehouse map!)

    Her chapter on how data can be presented visually is excellent. This is one chapter I will refer back to in the future.

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