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The Off-Camera Flash Handbook

32 Scenarios for Creating Beautiful Light and Stunning Photographs

If your past attempts at learning flash have all ended in failure (not to mention tears and/or blind rage), then The Off-Camera Flash Handbook is about to change everything for you. For years, photographer Vanessa Joy has been using off-camera flash to create gorgeous portraits that look like they were...
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Vanessa Joy


296 pages




Soft Cover- without flaps





  • You Already Know This
  • Getting Your Flash Off Camera
  • The Fourth Point of the Exposure Triangle
  • Light Positions and Modifiers
  • How to Add More Lights
  • Golden Haze
  • Golden Hour
  • Creating Twilight
  • Photographing at Sunset
  • Making a Magenta Sunset
  • Groups with One Light
  • Individual Portraits
  • Couple Portraits
  • Enhancing Natural Light
  • Making Indoors Look Like Outdoors
  • Super Soft Portrait Light
  • Creating a Fiery Sky
  • Keeping the Sky Blue
  • Lighting a Dark Room
  • Creating a Silhouette
  • Turning Day into Night
  • Tiny Little Details
  • Table Details
  • Event Speeches
  • In Harsh Sunlight
  • Shooting with Reflectors
  • Event Bounce Flash
  • Using Gels for Fun Color Effects
  • Using Gels to Color Correct
  • Lighting a Dark Room
  • Turn a Rainy Day Sunny
  • Lighting to Look Like Window Light
  • Making Front Bokeh
  • To Fill in Shadows
  • Wow, This Indoor Light Sucks
  • Rim Lighting
  • What Are You Talking About?
  • But Light Doesnt Do That
  • FAQs about OCF

3 reviews for The Off-Camera Flash Handbook

  • (verified owner)

    Wonderful and great book with lots of very usefully tips.

  • (verified owner)

    I bought the ebook version. This is a must have for the novice and a great reference for the advanced flash photographer and especially for the natural portrait photographer who wants to learn off camera flash but are too care scared or don’t know or where to start. Vanessa has done a an excellent job by breaking down this book into different scenarios and applications which are very easy to follow along and so accessible on your phone to refer at any given situation. It doesn’t easier than that.
    This is highly recommended.
    Well done Vanessa.

  • The off-camera Flash book handbook by Vanessa Joy:

    Like probably many photogs, I am terrified of using flash and so seldom do. This book is brilliant because instead of just a lot of text telling you how to do it, the author gives us 32 different scenarios for using off-camera flash and goes into detail on each scenario. That is so practical and so perfect! I feel better already.

    Joy begins her manual with a section on flash vocabulary which I find quite helpful. Don’t think I’ve seen it done this way but it should be because it primes us to understand when the author later uses flash lingo. I especially appreciated her definition of high-speed sync, and the introduction to “light spread” to which I’ve never heard of before. I really love her informal writing: for example, one section is headed “why do I suck?“Love it! Draws you right in and you know exactly what the author means.

    One of her tips is that when you see a photo, look in the eyes for catchlights. If there are catchlights, you can apparently tell where the light is coming from in the shape of the light modifier that was used and thereby learn how that photo was made. Clever tip! One of her scenarios is in how to make it look like you’ve been shooting at the golden hour. Again, not the heading I have seen elsewhere and it’s certainly intriguing.

    And example of why I like this book so much in the way it will be useful: she has one of the scenarios covering table details at events like weddings. She starts out talking about her “golden image”, and then tells us precisely how she gets there. She has diagrams of where she sets the lights and she shows the wrong and right way to do things. I really appreciate that she covers such detail and the way she does it works for me. Another of her marvelous chapters is on how to light a portrait to look like window light. I love that! I have certainly seen plenty of manuals talk about how to use window light, but not how to make it look as though you used window light:)

    Joy will often take three or four shots in a given scenario and go through the exposures and strategy on each one along with the pros and cons. That is so practical for us readers!

    Toward the end of the book she poses several questions readers would likely ask: why is my battery is dying so fast? Why is my picture half black?, And so on. The more practical and precise photography writers are, the more I can actually use their suggestions. Given the easy to understand and detailed writing in this book, where she covers so many scenarios, I am ready to use off-camera flash more often. I will keep this book around for sure. She did a great job on the topic most of us associate with fear 🙂

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