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Photographs and Lessons from a Life in Photography

Order your copy of this hardcover, signed, limited edition of William Neill's Light on the Landscape   See the images and read the stories behind the creative process of one of America’s most respected landscape photographers, William Neill.   For more than two decades, William Neill has been offering his...
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William Neill


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    6 reviews for Light on the Landscape [HARDCOVER, SIGNED, LIMITED EDITION]

  • (verified owner)

    Christmas of 1958, my mother gave my sister a Kodak Hawkeye Brownie camera for a gift. She used this camera sparingly until she went on a camping trip to Yosemite in 1960. When she returned a week later, she had shot three rolls of B&W film and one roll of color. At the time, my 7 year old self thought these were the greatest photos I have ever seen. Many years later, I became aquatinted with the works of Ansel Adams. I began to fall in love with his images of Yosemite and other landscapes he photographed. By then, I had forgotten my sister’s photos. Looking at William Neill’s work in his book “Light on the Landscape”, brought back those memories. My sister’s photos are not on par with the Neill’s specular and beautiful images, but his impressive vision of Yosemite and other locations that are beyond the average landscape photography. You cannot use the cliche term of breathtaking nor they are those slick oversize wall images that I used to see at shopping malls photo galleries. This is something that young aspiring shooters should read and understand before picking a camera to do anytime of landscape photography. The book contains useful information and his Philosophy on photography, his history and methods he used to obtain his images. The layout is clean and simple. I love that he choose not to spread his images across two pages or edge to edge and kept his images small as to not overwhelm with viewer. This is a book that every Photo book lover should have in their collection.

  • (verified owner)

    Exceptional quality both from the book and from the photography. You might think this is just another coffee table book, but you will be remiss to ignore the wonderful stories and the inspiration that comes with every passing page. A must have for any photographer and for any lover of this wonderful world we live in.

  • (verified owner)

    Bill Neal is a refreshingly understated sort of photographer. His photos, his articles, and his videos are totally devoid of the tiresome shuck and jive that so permeates today’s online photography scene.. As evidenced in Bill’s statements “I’m not a big believer in rules.” and “A camera is just a tool.” his emphasis is on sensitivity and openness to the scenes presented by the natural world rather than upon formulaic composition, expensive camera equipment, Photoshop tricks, supersaturated colors, and shuck and jive presentation. As to his images themselves, as always I find Neal’s photographs reflect a peaceful sense of harmony and a skillful use of the sometimes subtle, sometimes powerful effects of light and motion. I own all of Neal’s eBooks and have spent many enjoyable moments reading and rereading the thoughtful text and enjoying the tranquil beauty of the images themselves. I’ll be placing an order for his latest book “Light On The Landscape” today and I am very much looking forward to savoring Neill’s masterful images and insightful text once it arrives.

    Later on 08/28/20 After receiving my copy of “Light On The Landscape” I dropped this note to Neill

    Bill your wonderful book arrived three days ago and I love it! I’ve seen some of the photos contained within its pages in various other media but I would have to say the reproduction in this book is superior. The book itself literally screams quality from the substantial covers, through the quality paper and photo reproduction. Better yet it lays flat when opened to any page in the book, a feature all too notably absemt in most photo books. As a one time photojournalist who could never quite decide whether he wanted to concentrate on photography or writing I was, as always, just as impressed with your ability to communicate via written word as through your images themselves. As any editor will agree the ability to do both well is rare. All said I would rate “Light On The Landscape” a most worthwhile addition to the photography book genre. My congratulations for a beautifully done book and a most impressive career spent creating images of great beauty and lasting value.

  • (verified owner)

    This is a gorgeous book that contains a wealth of photographic art and inspiration. It is also a masterclass and an autobiography of the rich life of a landscape photographer. It will look beautiful sitting on your coffee table, but if you only enjoy the stunning photography, you will miss out on a true masterclass taught by one of today’s foremost nature photographers. The chapters are neatly and carefully planned, so the reader does not become overwhelmed. Both the novice and the experienced photographer will find much of value in William Neill’s work. I plan to savor this book slowly, and look forward to many hours of enjoyment and learning.

  • (verified owner)

    This book is a Treasure! I have been slowly absorbing each chapter as Neill reveals the concepts that drove his vision to create the accompanying images, and revealing enough technical information and post-processing, where applicable, that contributed to the final creation. His images are generally low key and laid back without reliance on dramatic post-processing to artificially add drama. In other words his images are natural and peaceful in their representation of the landscape. And his discussion in each chapter addresses the relative concepts to help the reader to work to achieve the same level of perfection in his own work. William Neill is a master craftsman and artist of the landscape and it is a pleasure to accompany him as he explores his universe. The book itself is beautifully produced with slick glossy pages and high quality image reproduction. Truly a “coffee table” quality book that is meant to be read and absorbed frequently.

  • (verified owner)

    I received my copy of the signed, hardbound edition, yesterday. I rarely buy physical books nowadays and only when the subject is such that it demands the large format, it has high production value, and represents the legacy of an admired and accomplished artist. This book presents the highest production value; the stock of paper, binding quality and near museum quality printing is wonderful. I read couple of the chapters and flipped through the entire book with a large cup of coffee this morning. The content should be read slowly, images should be looked into intently and the book should be given the lengthy time it needs to reveal itself to me.
    I must also say a word about the artist. Accomplished artists build their work on the shoulders of the legends. They develop unique points of view and approaches to similar subjects that distinguish their work. William Neill has built his legacy on the the shoulders of Eliot Porter and Freeman Patterson. These are tall mountains to climb and he has done this with grace, integrity and creatively. I look at Mr Neill’s work and try to visualize how I may go about making images that build upon what he has accomplished, not to copy but to open my eyes to the possibilities.
    If sublime artistry is what you resonate with, you will be inspired by this book.

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