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Scott Kelby “How Do I Do That?” Book Chat Bundle

This special bundle includes Scott Kelby's best-selling books that were mentioned during his book chat.

We hope you enjoyed Scott Kelby’s second online book chat! We have put together a special offer that includes a collection of Scott's How Do I Do That?  books discussed during the event. You can save 50% off the cover price by purchasing the collection. The collection includes Scott...
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  • Print and eBook Bundle: $40.00
  • Print Book: $30.00
  • eBook: $24.00

Titles included:

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2 reviews for Scott Kelby “How Do I Do That?” Book Chat Bundle

  • (verified owner)

    Scott Kelby the author! I need some sleep because it’s hard to put down any of his books. I found myself just skipping to the Introduction of the Chapters, but going back to make sure I get educated. He does an outstanding job of humor and education. I am so glad that Rockynook took the time and energy to help this novice writer get off the ground to produce such extraordinary work. Just kidding.

    But I do need to get some sleep after buying 6 books of his. Rockynook took an enormous risk when they decided to focus on photography as their niche in the beginning. They had to find the best of the best to support that decision. And if you are reading this, I’m preaching to the choir.

  • (verified owner)

    These two just about completed my Scott Kelby Memorial Library here in my studio. No, wait, it is complete. And these two did not disappoint. Scott’s books are all well written and easy to read and understand. He’s right when he says he rights as though he were speaking to you in the same room. Fantastic educator and these books are mandatory in my opinion for anyone who wants to use LIghtroom and Photoshop. And they’re written as pure reference books – got a question? Turn to that page in the book and wallah! the answer is there. One answer per page. Can’t get much more user friendly than that. And buying directly through Rocky Nook saved me quite a few coin to boot. Not too shabby. 6 Stars!

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