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Santa Barbara, CA—May 1, 2014

277This book takes you on a journey around the world through the eyes of photographer Mario Dirks. In the fall of 2011, camera and lens manufacturer Sigma sent Mario on a yearlong adventure to photograph the most beautiful places on earth. As Sigma’s World Scout, he spent 50 weeks visiting a total of 77 cities, 48 countries, and 6 continents. He took 101 flights and traveled 2,500 miles by foot. The result of his tour is a collection of 347 extraordinary photographs showcasing fascinating destinations and scenic locations from around the globe.

With this wealth of images and experiences, Mario Dirks has created a diversified snapshot of our earth. The images include global sights like the Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, Petra, the Grand Canyon, and Ayers Rock, as well as architectural masterpieces, unique natural landscapes, and portraits of people and animals.

Mario’s photographs are accompanied by anecdotes from his travels, making this book a visual delicacy not only for photographers, but also for anyone interested in world travel. Join the author on a journey to the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia; immerse yourself in the colorful and exciting variety of our world; and experience what great photography is made of. 

About the author:

Photographer Mario Dirks was born on the island of Norderney, Germany. His first experience with photography was using a simple pinhole camera at the age of 6, and he has been fascinated by photography ever since. In 1998, after years of studying the craft on his own and participating in various photography training programs, he began working at the Oldenburg State Theater where he gained extensive experience working in the arts while assisting theatre photographer Andreas J. Etter.

Mario’s first photography exhibition was shown in Norderney, Oldenburg, Bad Zwischenahn, and Oberhausen. He has been teaching workshops and seminars on photography in Norderney since 2007. His workshops focus on a variety of topics including portrait, landscape, architecture, and studio photography.

In 2011, camera and lens manufacturer Sigma sent Mario on a 50-week trip around the world to photograph the most interesting places on earth. The following year his images were displayed at photokina in Cologne and at the Frankfurt Book Fair. In addition to writing this book, Mario has also contributed a number of articles to well-known photo magazines.

Our World Tour: A Photographic Journey Around the Earth

Mario Dirks

Published by Rocky Nook

978-1-937538-36-1, 352 pages, $44.95 US, $46.95 CA Soft Cover 8″x10″

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