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Rocky Nook publishes beautiful, practical books on creative topics that range from photography to drawing to painting to illustration—and more! Our books educate and inspire artists of all levels, from hobbyists to professionals. Though the subject matter and audience are diverse, all of our books share a common characteristic: they all help artists master the art, craft, and technology of their field.

We view the relationship between the publisher and the author as a true partnership. Together, we work hard to bring your vision to market and then connect the book to a community of readers. In order to best partner on a book project, this means you are:

  • An accomplished artist
  • A go-to expert on teaching the subject matter
  • Active and known in your industry (e.g. you have a successful blog, social media following, workshop series, and/or podcast)

If you possess these characteristics and you have a great idea for an educational book, we’d love to hear from you! Here is what you should include in your proposal:


  • Contact information (name, address, phone, email)
  • Online presence (your website and social media involvement)
  • Teaching experience (workshops, seminars)
  • Short biography (including previous books written, if any)


  • One-page cover letter: Describe your project, why it will be successful, and why Rocky Nook should publish it. What is the style and approach of this book?
  • Please list three key features that are selling points for the book
  • Outline of the book, including title, subtitle, chapter titles, and chapter section titles
  • Sample chapter
  • 5-10 low-resolution images that would be typical of the book illustrations
  • Approximate length of book and proposed date for manuscript completion
  • Audience: Who is the ideal reader of this book? What will they be able to accomplish after reading the book? And how can you help us reach those readers?
  • Competition: Include a list of similar/competing books and describe how your book is different and better than what’s currently available.

Please send your complete proposal to us at editorial@rockynook.com. We will review your proposal in our weekly editorial and marketing meeting, then get in touch with a response. Thank you!