The Fujifilm X-T1, 2nd Edition

111 X-Pert Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Camera

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In this book, popular Fuji Rumors "X-Pert Corner" columnist Rico Pfirstinger teaches about the little-known capabilities of the X-T1, which he’s discovered through months of in-depth research and experimentation with the camera. After a brief overview of the camera’s basic functions, Rico cuts to the chase and provides...
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Rico Pfirstinger


192 pages


6 x 9in


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    1 review for The Fujifilm X-T1, 2nd Edition

    1. For years I’ve read the passionate reviews of Fujifilm camera owners and considered switching from the smaller m 4/3 bodies that I use when traveling and doing non-paid gigs to a mirrorless system with a APS-C sensor. When the X-T2 was announced this month, prices of the X-T1 plummeted and I jumped at the chance to try it with a relatively small investment.
      I searched for a text to introduce me to the Fujifilm system as well as explain the X-T1, but as a professional photographer, I wasn’t looking for a basic book that would be best for an inexperienced person (nor the manual, and its technical nature). Pfirstinger’s book was absolutely perfect for my needs. The book is written with an expectation that the reader is knowledgeable about photographic concepts and general camera operations. Pfirstinger not only describes the use of the X-T1 and its place in the Fujifilm line, he thoroughly explains how and why Fujifilm has designed the camera and utilized what were the top technologies when it was released. This second edition is updated to reflect Fujifilm’s constant firmware upgrades to the camera, addressing changes since the book was originally released.
      From features to most efficient workflow, Pfirstinger guides you through an extensive look at the best settings, uses, and tips to get the most of the camera. As stated in the opening pages, this book does not replace the manual as a complete guide to the X-T1; rather, it is a supplemental piece to efficiency and best-use.
      If you’re a photographer comfortable with your photographic skills but seeking a tutorial on the X-T1 body, this is a superb book that will serve you well. I read it cover-to-cover before taking the camera out on its first shoot, and was rewarded with tremendous comfort in locating and choosing the best settings and workflow.

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