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David Busch’s Sony Alpha a7R III Guide to Digital Photography

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David Busch's Sony Alpha a7R III Guide to Digital Photography is most comprehensive resource and reference for Sony’s high-speed, high-resolution full frame mirrorless camera. Capable of 10 frame-per-second bursts even at 42 megapixels, the a7R III is fast enough for sports photography with the image quality that the most...
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David D. Busch


456 pages


7 X 9.125in


Soft Cover- without flaps





    3 reviews for David Busch’s Sony Alpha a7R III Guide to Digital Photography

    1. (verified owner)

      The Sony a7 series is known for having a somewhat daunting and unintuitive menu system. The engineers seem to have wanted to put in as many settings as possible, resulting in a feature-packed high-resolution camera. This book is an attempt to take that complex system with a somewhat long learning curve and make it understandable. It thankfully goes way beyond the limited information available in the standard owners manuals. It will help beginners get started and most likely provide new information to the advanced photographer.

      In the first section of the book, the author’s approach is to not just briefly describe each of the myriad settings, but to give a clear explanation of each one, what the setting options are for each menu and sub-menu item, along with his recommended settings, when applicable, and his reasons for deciding upon those selections. As a result, this book is not to be initially used as a quick encyclopedic reference tool, but rather as an in-depth manual that gives the reader a better understanding of each of the features of this camera, why each setting is used and in what photographic settings.

      The second half of the book involves a clear explanation of how to put your learning about each setting into practice, covering such topics as getting the correct exposure, autofocus, night photography and other long exposure situations, tips and techniques on movie making, and working with flash. He also describes the variety of customization settings available with the Sony a7Riii. There are also helpful chapters on lens and accessory selection and on problem-solving/troubleshooting.

      Due to the intent of the book to help us learn this complex system, at times it does get a bit wordy. Additionally, some chapter sections will refer you to more information described in a later chapter, resulting in some discontinuity in reading.

      Overall, if you have the time and inclination to slowly go through this book to learn the intricacies of this highly-rated camera, you will have the satisfaction of having a deeper understanding of how to make this camera work for you.

    2. (verified owner)

      I have used Davids books from my first Digital camera Canon 60D brought 12years ago 4 other canons to my A6000 A6600 and now my A7R 111 they have all been so helpful in my understanding of what ever camera i have used.

    3. (verified owner)

      This book is very comprehensive and easy to understand. He provides lots of examples and suggested settings. I am finally beginning to understand what all my Sony A7RIII can do.

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