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Capture the Magic

Train Your Eye, Improve Your Photographic Composition

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It’s not often that a career in photography makes as many twists and turns as it has for Jack Dykinga. Jack began his unique career as a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist. He then worked as a photo editor, and later became a wilderness guide. Today, Jack’s work as a landscape...
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Jack Dykinga


188 pages


10 x 10in


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    2 reviews for Capture the Magic

    1. (verified owner)

      I have always been a great admirer of the work of this fine artist ……..In this publishment, Jack has not only allowed the reader to be in awe of his great talent but also become one of his students. He is presenting not only his ideas on life but also the emotions he gets from preparing to capture some of the beauty of the planet. Each photo displayed not only presents a image to be created but presents a challenge for the viewer to assess and then allows Jack to supply the reasons why he progressed the way he did. There are many wonderful landscape artists in this world who can learn not only technique but also develop a much needed apprehension of the works presented by this book ………….. all serious landscape photographers should own a copy of this book but also use it as one of their “bibles”

    2. (verified owner)

      Jack Dykinga does not need my introduction. A Long-time National Geographic shooter whose work is highly respected in photography community worldwide. I get a sense from this volume that he has assembled the content from a valedictorian perspective. Taking a long view back over his work, he has distilled a unique contribution for his fellow photographers; the insight of “composition for communication”. He focuses on the idea that composition above all else considers how to communicate an idea, the maker’s intent and perspective to the viewers. If the maker is successful in establishing this link with the viewer, then the viewer will resonate with the composition. As a photographer, I think this is a critical idea for me to consider every time I approach a scene. I think about why I am standing where I am, what is interesting me at this site and now, I must take the next step to ask myself how do I best telegraph to my potential viewers what I am thinking. This complete the cycle of design that will allow makers to produce meaningful work both to themselves and their viewers. I am grateful to Mr Dykinga for helping me understand what makes a great photograph.

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