Adobe After Effects

A Complete Course and Compendium of Features

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Adobe After Effects: A Complete Course and Compendium of Features is your guide to editing and enhancing videos in Adobe After Effects. Whether you’re animating text or objects, changing a scene’s setting, or creating a 3D scene, After Effects is the tool for you—and this book will teach you what...
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Ben Goldsmith


488 pages


8 x 10in


Soft Cover- without flaps





    1 review for Adobe After Effects

    1. Wow, this book covers everything you could imagine that involves after-effects with your photos. Starts with basic lessons in animation, and tells us how to alter objects, scale or rotation among other things. Things I didn’t know were really possible in digital editing. As we probably all have, I’ve seen many explanations of how to use masking in post-production editing, but this book really does a superior job, including helpful photographs, and illustrations of masking.

      One really fun section was on creating light in your photograph after you have already made the image. Who knew? Spotlights are covered, as well as creating ambient light and others. Shadows, too! This book reveals so much more about Adobe After Effects’ capabilities than I knew.

      I will especially enjoy using the chapter on text editing. The book covers the usual thing like font style and font size but also involves things like “wiggly selector“ :-). And if you want to try your hand at animation, this book is certainly the one to start with. Goes into much detail yet the writer goes to the trouble of making the information quite accessible; even illustrates how to animate with puppetry.

      And let’s not forget 3-D, and even 4D effects which are covered toward the end of the book. Although the title of the book uses the singular “course”, I would estimate there are at least enough great material for two or three courses included in this well-done, useful manual. It will remain next to my computer for ease of frequent reference.

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