Lighting Setups for Portrait Photography

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  Studio lighting and portraits made easy!   Lighting and shooting successful studio portraits can be a frustrating challenge for any photographer, but with STUDIO by your side, you’ve got what you need in order to successfully light and photograph a huge variety of successful studio portraits!   In this...
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Andreas Bubl


304 pages


10 x 8in


Soft Cover- without flaps





  • Chapter 1: The Fundamentals of Studio Portrait Photography
  • Chapter 2: The Classic Studio Portrait
  • Chapter 3: The Beauty Portrait
  • Chapter 4: Glamour, Fashion, and Lifestyle
  • Chapter 5: Character Portrait
  • Chapter 6: Couples and Groups
  • Chapter 7: Children and Family
  • Chapter 8: Movement and Action

1 review for STUDIO

  1. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer that enjoys Portrait Photography this book is for you. The author explains how lighting, positioning and composition makes for a truly special composition. She can set up a Studio almost anywhere.

    The author uses the first section of the book to explain types of lighting, color and strength and direction of lighting and the options that lighting provides. She explains all types of lighting from reflectors, umbrellas, soft boxes and natural lighting. She really explains how to pose your subjects and how posing and lighting effects the composition; all of the above make a better portrait.

    However, the best of this book is the over one hundred ‘how to’ examples, of how to use everything from the lighting, posing, angles and composition for portraits of men, women, couples and group shots. I would highly recommend that this book be in any photographer’s library as it will help you have a studio anywhere at any time.

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