Mehmet Eygi is an entrepreneur, photographer, creative director, and consultant based in Cologne, Germany. After studying communications, product design, and photography, he worked for large international photo studios as a consultant and creative director. One of his responsibilities was to review photo shoots with clients. What began as a means of quality control soon developed into a passion for people photography. After photographing nearly a thousand different subjects, Mehmet began to recognize a common problem: photographers and models each have their own level of posing skills, and this determines the results of a photo shoot. Mehmet decided to develop standardized practices for posing techniques. He self-published an eBook to teach these essential lessons, and the book immediately took off. His approach proved to be so successful that book publishers have brought the book to market it German, French, and now English. With his new company,, Mehmet has created a specialized marketing tool for models and actors: printed and digital comp cards for use as a quick presentation of their portfolios. He is currently building a search engine for models, which will make it easy for photographers all over the world to find models nearby.