Robert Fisher is a commercial and fine art photographer and freelance writer based just outside of Toronto, Canada. His love of photography began nearly 15 years ago when he was first exposed to the impressionistic style of photography. This style captivated his imagination and served as the red pill for his journey into the photographic rabbit hole.

Robert holds an honors Bachelor of Administration degree from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, and his photographic knowledge has been gained through trial and error, asking questions, and informally studying photography and photographic techniques.

Robert has held several solo and group shows and his work has been exhibited in a number of local galleries. He has traveled as far as the Czech Republic to cover events, and has drawn upon his education in business to publish several articles in finance industry publications.

Outside of photography, Robert is an enthusiastic and experimental amateur chef, gardener, really bad player of the guitar, and owner of two adopted dogs he affectionately refers to as The Idiots.