Sean McCormack is a professional photographer whose wide-ranging work includes such genres as portraiture, landscape, nude, music, and real estate photography. His photographs have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers, and he was a recipient of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers “Photographer of the Year” award in the Family Portraiture and Groups category.

Sean is also a well-known Adobe Lightroom expert, author, and educator. He created the popular Lightroom Blog ( and has written two books on the software: Photoshop Lightroom Made Easy and Essential Development for Lightroom 5. He has also written numerous articles for magazines such as Photoshop User, Layers, and Lightroom. Additionally, Sean is an Adobe Community Professional, as well as a Lightroom Master at The Photographer Academy, the largest photography training company in Europe.

He lives in Galway, Ireland, with his wife, Cynthia, and their son, Matthew.