Ysabel Hilado is a 24-year-old contemporary womenswear fashion designer and digital content creator from Southern California. Fashion has been an extensive part of Ysabel’s life for over a decade. Her design aesthetic can be described as street chic, where she is inspired by streetwear while also incorporating a feminine flair. At 13, she sold customized pocket tees worldwide under Along The Lines Pocket Tees. Soon after, she created a fashion blog that documented her journey as a young entrepreneur along with daily OOTD’s, DIY’s, and videos. In 2015, Ysabel was cast as one of the twelve teenage fashion designers on Project Runway Junior, Season 1. The Ysabel Hilado brand has expanded above and beyond clothes. With a growing online presence and goal to inspire others along the way with her fashion journey, she is more than just a designer brand. As of May 2022, she has graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design with a minor in Fashion Merchandising from California State University, Long Beach.