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The Photographer’s Guide to Luminar 4

Skylum’s Luminar 4 is a great solution for both professional and amateur photographers who want to quickly create stunning photos. Luminar’s advanced AI-based tools eliminate hours of traditional editing tasks, whether you’re applying automatic tone and color adjustments, replacing dreary skies with more dynamic ones, or retouching portraits to smooth...
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The ebook is available now and the print book is available for Pre-order. The estimated ship date is June 30, 2020.
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Jeff Carlson


256 pages


8 x 10in


Soft Cover- without flaps





  • Introduction
  • How to Read This Book
  • The Luminar Studio
  • The Paths to Luminar
  • Landscape Walkthrough
  • Portrait Walkthrough
  • Editing Tools
  • Canvas Tools
  • Luminar Looks
  • Layers
  • Advanced Editing
  • Luminar Library
  • Sharing Photos
  • Index

1 review for The Photographer’s Guide to Luminar 4

  • I purchased the ebook for this title the other day and I have found it to be very good. I have now read the first two chapters and I’ve learned quite a few things that I’ve not gathered simply from using Luminar 4 and its previous versions. When I turned the page to chapter 3 however, I expected to find a link to download the example image so I could follow along as the author walked me through the process of editing it. I was surprised and disappointed to find nothing and wasted quite a bit of time trying to see if I had missed that link in the pages I had already read or if perhaps it was contained in some appendix at the end. Unfortunately, I could find nothing. The lack of example images is my reason for giving only 4 stars for what otherwise seems to be quite a good book. I admit I made this purchase from Amazon rather than directly from the publisher since photography books are usually too large to easily get into Kindle.

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