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Playful Pottery

The Mud Witch's Guide to Creating Curvy, Colorful Ceramics

The ultimate guide to making colorful, whimsical pottery creations! If you’ve ever dreamed of crafting your own handmade mugs, bowls, or plates but your vision is more bold and colorful than beige and simple, this is your book. Noted potter Viviana Matsuda, also known as Mud Witch, has amassed a...
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  • eBook: $19.99

The ebook is available now and the print book is available for Pre-order. The estimated ship date is February 06, 2024.
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Viviana Matsuda


128 pages


7 x 9in


Soft Cover- without flaps





  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Get to Know the Materials
  • Types of Ceramics
  • Getting to Know the Clay
  • Getting to Know the Tools
  • Finished Ceramics
  • Chapter Two: Pinch Pot Method
  • How to Make a Pinch Pot
  • How to Make a Double Pinch Pot
  • How to Make Attachments
  • Pinch Pot Picnic Inspiration
  • Chapter Three: Slab Building
  • Basic Slab Building
  • Making a Rounded Vase
  • Bubble Glaze Swimming Pool Catch All
  • Upcycle Air-Dry Lamp
  • Handbuilding a Basket
  • Chapter Four: Coil Method
  • Basic Coil Method
  • How to Pull a Handle
  • How to Attach a Handle
  • Chapter Five: Wheel Throwing
  • Getting Started
  • Trimming
  • Trimming the Foot
  • Chapter Six: Finishing and Firing
  • Decorating Before Firing
  • Kilns
  • Sgraffito Tile
  • Bubble Glaze Bowl
  • Chapter Seven: After the Making
  • Repurposing Clay
  • Shipping Your Art
  • Displaying and Selling Your Pieces

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