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The Diamond Painting Guide and Logbook

Tips and Tricks for Creating, Personalizing, and Displaying Your Vibrant Works of Art

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The ultimate guide to the hottest new crafting trend!Colorful, creative, and totally addictive, diamond painting has taken the crafting world by storm. Now, with The Diamond Painting Guide and Logbook readers can get expert advice and inspiration on how to take their artwork to the next level.Inspired by...
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Jennifer Roberts


176 pages




Soft Cover- without flaps





  • Chapter 1: Benefits of Diamond Painting?
  • Chapter 2: Tools of the Trade
  • Chapter 3: Tips and Tricks
  • Chapter 4: Ordering and Customizing Paintings
  • Chapter 5: Finishing, Framing, and Displaying Artwork
  • Chapter 6: Resources and DMC color chart
  • Chapter 7: Logging pages

3 reviews for The Diamond Painting Guide and Logbook

  1. Highly recommended – a great resource for diamond painting.

  2. This is the book you want if you are looking to explore diamond painting. It is an encyclopedic look at what you need to begin and to do well at this art and the author’s writing is accessible and interesting. Give our long-term pandemic, I, like many people, am trying my hand at different art projects. In addition to photography, I decided to look at diamond painting because the name alone made me curious. I like that the author’s first chapter is on the why of diamond painting… She also includes an illustration of one of her projects and I found it lovely. Off to a good start!

    Her description of how to begin and what diamond painting is sounds like what we get is a mini–mosaic. And beautiful mosaics they are, at least when one knows what one is doing :-). I enjoy her writing style and appreciate her detail. The author points out that diamond painting is a faster and more satisfying, in her mind, alternative to cross stitch. Yay, because that means it’s something I might attempt as opposed to cross stitch.

    Roberts lays out the process in a logical, easy to follow way. She includes a complete list of what you need to undertake a diamond painting and then starts from the very beginning, telling us how to achieve our goal. I appreciate that the author gives us explicit permission to adapt strategies individually and does not pretend that there is only one way to do things.

    I was surprised and happy to see that the “diamonds” are not one uniform shape but can come in an endless variety of shapes and colors. She gives good advice on how to find a good supplier and how to store the diamonds between uses. I appreciate that kind of advice beyond just the design strategies. She includes one chapter just on canvas choice, size, quality, fabric, etc. Surprisingly to me, which canvas size you choose depends how much and how detailed the image is you are hoping to create.

    Later in the book she gives tips for problems I would not have anticipated: the diamond sometimes get stuck together and she tells us precisely how to unstick them while preserving them for later use. Another thing I enjoy is that in most of the sections Roberts explains
    diamond lingo which is both useful and a lot of fun to read.

    The concluding section of her book is on tips and tricks and is also where I found the painting I love most in the book – a gorgeous, vivid picture of a sunflower. This last section is brilliant and she was thoughtful to include it. She covers many common problems like a cracked pen, how to remove adhesive from your painting, how to clean oily diamonds, etc. instead of us having to struggle with all of these problems and discover the remedies new each time. She has saved us a great deal of time.

    Roberts gives us several sources for supplies and, best of all, her favorite YouTube creators 🙂 Folks who want to try their hand at diamond painting can’t go wrong with this book. Roberts includes absolutely everything I can imagine you would need to know to do well at this craft. A bonus is that her writing is good and a pleasure to read.

  3. (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast and packaging was great I really enjoyed the book im glad I purchased

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