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The Meaning in the Making

The Why and How Behind Our Human Need to Create

The ebook is available now. The first print run of the paperback has sold out, though it is available from other retailers. The paperback can be pre-ordered from Rocky Nook. The approximate ship date is October 2021.

Become inspired, find your voice, and create work that matters. Why are human beings driven to make? It’s as if we collectively intuited, long before science gave us the language, that the universe bends toward entropy, and every act of creation on our part is an act of defiance in...
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The ebook is available now and the print book is available for Pre-order. The estimated ship date is October 2021.
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Sean Tucker


328 pages


11 x 18 cmin


Soft Cover- without flaps





  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1: Order
  • Chapter 2: Logos
  • Chapter 3: Breath
  • Chapter 4: Voice
  • Chapter 5: Ego
  • Chapter 6: Control
  • Chapter 7: Attention
  • Chapter 8: Envy
  • Chapter 9: Critique
  • Chapter 10: Feel
  • Chapter 11: Shadows
  • Chapter 12: Meaning
  • Chapter 13: Time
  • Chapter 14: Benediction

2 reviews for The Meaning in the Making

  • (verified owner)

    Sean Tucker has earned a large but selective following on YouTube and has not disappointed with his first book. Just as he has refined his videos generally away from already over-abundant technical advice on his photographic (and filmmaking) profession, leading his viewers instead to consider the deeper challenges of being an artist in the medium, he offers us here a multifaceted insight into a number of typical unstated assumptions about ourselves that we carry around, whose recognition can open doors to creative work that otherwise may appear locked, or simply not appear at all.

    In this framework, he generalizes his appeal to all “makers,” the engagement with making things a means of creating order, a reassurance of our efficacy as rational beings in a chaotic world. His insights into the creative process apply broadly, and their lessons may be appreciated by a wide audience, including many in younger generations who have grown up in a seemingly non-physical world dominated by isolating personal electronic devices drawing users into an endless search for instant, but shallow, gratification. The author guides us through a well-ordered series of chapters with deceptively simple names such as Logos, Breath, Ego, Envy, and Time. There is real substance to be discovered.

    In the book as in his web presentations, Mr. Tucker strives for honesty in seeking what is true, speaking openly and frankly about his background and his own course of errors and successes, challenges and inspirations. While remaining non-judgemental respecting others’ approaches to the photographic medium, he offers his own clear views of some of the foundations of his outlook, drawn from his youthful experience as a seminarian and encounters with wise individuals who intersected his path at crucial points in his development. From each, he draws lessons. While there are many today who reject any concept of truth and dismiss any notion of beauty as essential in art, Tucker makes a persuasive—and, for many others, this writer included, refreshing—argument for these principles, whether or not we may agree on their various manifestations in art. He is equally unabashed in urging his reader to recognize, despite the press of the chaos of perceived reality, the natural goodness of humanity and the desire to create something of beauty.

    The style of Mr. Tucker’s writing is, like his speaking, at once arresting and engaging. It flows easily and carries us with him. For the artist thinking seriously about his or her journey, The Meaning in the Making is a welcome and wonderful companion.

  • (verified owner)

    I’ve followed Sean Tucker on YouTube for a good while, and his straight forward way of explaining the psychology behind photographer compelled to buy his book.
    His philosophical messages are superbly delivered to help me to understand why I photograph, and the vulnerability of his stories help me to keep going through the ups and downs of creating and presenting my own work.
    This book is a fantastic read, providing details into his backstory which all creators can relate to in some way, and stories to help us to balance the self doubt with our over confidence – a line I personally dance around constantly.
    And I love the qr codes at the ends of some of the chapters which provide images and videos discussed within them. This additional source of material is a superb way of sharing examples and helping to understand the points conveyed.
    I highly recommend this to anybody who creates art.

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