The Photographer’s Guide to Drones, 2nd Edition

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Learn to master your drone—the gear, the technique, the photography, the video—and create jaw-dropping visuals! Over the last few years, drones and quadcopters have become the hottest new gear in photography, whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur shooter. These “flying tripods” have given photographers the ability to place...
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Colin Smith


312 pages


10 x 8in


Soft Cover - with flaps





  • Chapter 1: Safety and Regulations
  • Chapter 2: Drones and Gear
  • Chapter 3: Flight School
  • Chapter 4: Shooting Photographs with a Drone
  • Chapter 5: Shooting Video with Drones
  • Chapter 6: Basic Photo Workflow in Lightroom or ACR
  • Chapter 7: Advanced Photo Editing
  • Chapter 8: Editing Aerial Video
  • Parting Words
  • Index

1 review for The Photographer’s Guide to Drones, 2nd Edition

  1. Back in 2016 I got very interested in drones and ran out and bought one. Mistake! The images were awful and after a short time I lost interest in drone photography. A few years later I read Colin Smith’s first edition but never really thought I’d get back to it because of all the needed technology. I just finished the Second Edition of THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S GUIDE TO DRONES and I am really excited to get a new drone.

    There are Chapters on Rules and Regulations, Drones and Gear and Flight School: all are a MUST read, which is thorough and extremely beneficial; which I stupidly skipped years ago!

    After that the fun starts. The basics are how to use the drones in comparison to hand-held cameras. One important point is that the drone acts as your flying tri-pod. All of this leads to hints on post-production and editing. There are important differences between drones and land cameras.

    Drones allow an entire new perspective to our photography and allows all new compositions. My main photography is wilderness and nature and drones will allow me a whole new experience.

    In closing; a start-up drone photography program is expensive and time-consuming; so this book is a must to have for your library.

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