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The Landscape Photographer’s Guide to Photoshop

A Visualization-Driven Workflow

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You are not offering testimony to the existence of something, you are bringing something into existence—something that did not exist before, and that would not exist if it were not for you. ~Guy Tal The first step to creating an expressive photograph happens before you even click the shutter: it...
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Guy Tal


328 pages


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    5 reviews for The Landscape Photographer’s Guide to Photoshop

    1. (verified owner)

      I recently purchased this book and I highly recommend it. It has helped to fill in the gaps in my landscape editing ‘toolbox’. It begins with a discussion of art and visualization before progressing to an overview of workflow, photoshop basics, then it goes deep into editing, selection, and blending techniques…just to name a few of the many topics covered. Some people my learn better from videos but I much prefer books and Mr. Tal has put a great book together. One of the things I most like about this book are the exercises that found throughout the book. These exercises focus on the current topic and provide a way to practice the techniques that Mr. Tal goes over in the book. I’m very happy with the purchase.

    2. (verified owner)

      I had a teacher once who asked me what I expected to get out of high school. I responded with “I dunno”. The teacher told me I would get out of it exactly what I put into it. This excellent book is a sterling example of that. If you think you’ll purchase this book and suddenly be an award winning photographer a week later you had better buy a different book. If you REALLY want to learn about photography, I cannot think of a better book.

      The author authoritatively knows not just photography in its most minuscule sense, but also in a broader context he has a deep comprehension of art and human psychology. You can purchase many books that might help you to become a technically good automaton who can produce a soulless snapshot. This book contains a very generous dollop of “how to”, but goes far beyond a simplistic approach to photography. The author provides you with the tools, the how, with which to start to become a real photographer and shows you WHY if your eyes and mind are open. It’s going to take some effort to absorb the material and more than one read.

      This is the best photography book I’ve had since studying Ansel Adams original series on photography. I think the book is a treasure, much more than simply a guide to landscape photography

    3. (verified owner)

      Beautifully written and inspiring. The author takes you above and beyond Photoshop, encouraging the reader to ask questions and set intentions. The approach is both practical and artistic, logical and well paced. I am looking forward to putting his teachings into practice.

    4. (verified owner)

      Guy Tal is an artist philosopher. As an artist he interprets his subjects in ways that inspire the viewers’ imagination and encourages them to evolve their visuals for how to complete their work in the darkroom. The objective of the digital darkroom is the same as the wet darkroom. The tools differ, the end result is the same; which is to realize what you ‘see’ in the first place. Guy Tal moves from this point-of-view into opening up the power of Photoshop for us to participate in creating our art the way we want to see it. Yes this is a ‘how to’ manual but in addition, it is mostly ‘why do the how to’ manual! And that makes this book rare, valuable and important.

    5. (verified owner)

      Seems like a book with a lot of good information.

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