Are You Ready for Spring Photography? March 22, 2016 – Posted in: Photography – Tags: , , , ,

Photo by Jack Dykinga

Don’t get me wrong, I like photographing the cat sleeping, tonight’s meal, and any other willing subject around the house. But by the time late March rolls around, I am so ready to go outside and enjoy Spring through the viewfinder of my camera.

This is a great time of year to try out new lenses, bodies, and backpacks. (Well, I had to do something over the course of the winter.) And since you’re going to be playing with that stuff anyway, why not take this opportunity to up your game at the same time?

In that spirit, here are a few suggestions to consider.

Plan a Spring Photo Getaway

These are different than the extended trips we take in the summer. The Spring getaway can be accomplished in just a few days. I like to take off on Friday night and return midday on Monday or Tuesday.

Locations that are picture rich, but not too far away are ideal. Pack light, toss your gear in the car, and drop out of sight for a few days. These photo adventures are a blast. And you’ll quickly find yourself back in the photography swing of things as a result.

Sign Up for a Workshop

Chances are good that no one around the house wants to talk hours on end about your hobby. But that’s not the case at a photo workshop. You’re spending time with others who most likely are in the same situation. Plus you can learn a few things, check out some new gear, and capture some pretty shots.

Plant a Backyard Garden

Reclaiming a few square feet or repurposing those abandoned clay pots can yield great images all through the season and well into Summer. And the best part is, you don’t have to go any farther than out your backdoor.

Visit a local nursery and ask about plants that attract butterflies and if appropriate, honey bees, to add interesting subjects to the mix. Then break out your macro lens and tripod, and explore the wonders of container gardening.


Take a Walk (and bring your camera)

It’s easy to let our exercise routines slip during the cold season. But as the weather warms up, we can hike, bike, and walk again. And regardless of which form of transportation your choose, bring a camera. I get dozens of terrific Instagram shots every year just from my morning and late afternoon strolls.

Read an Inspirational Book

I bet you never saw this one coming. But it’s true: books help motivate us to explore and create. I’m recommending Capture the Magic by Jack Dykinga. Over the course of 182 pages, Jack shows you how to create great imagery, sharing many of the secrets he’s discovered over the years.

So, how are you going to capture the magic this Spring?

Derrick Story is the photography evangelist for Rocky Nook publishing.