Carol F. Roullard has been an avid photographer since her high school years when she first experimented with black-and-white artistic composition. Since then, she has continued photographing mainly nature and architecture. Ms. Roullard has used a variety of cameras covering a wide range of makes and models, from simple point-and-shoot to complex professional-level cameras.
In addition to co-authoring eight books for Rocky Nook, Ms. Roullard produces award-winning fine art photography and utilizes her previous art business experience to manage her online gallery and present her work at art shows. Recently, Ms. Roullard has begun giving speeches for writers and photography associations.
As a former Project Management Quality and Compliance Engineer, Carol spent a number of years developing procedural and quality control methodology for IT projects. In addition, she has developed and conducted training sessions covering best practices for procedural and quality control, breaking down complex subjects into easy-to-use approaches to learning.