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March is National Women’s History Month. Our blog will be honoring women in photography this month to celebrate women’s contributions to the photography world. Today’s feature is on Daisy Gilardini. 

Daisy Gilardini

From the cushy comfort of my office in Santa Barbara, California, I came across Daisy Gilardini and her stunning images. I am always amazed by those who travel to distant remote locations, and especially to places I consider brutally cold. But Daisy insists that she loves the cold.

Born and raised in Lugano, Switzerland, Daisy gave up a career in accounting to become a photographer. Once that decision was made Daisy felt as if she’d been reborn. In 1997, after taking a brief photography course, Daisy became a full-time photographer.


Daisy’s passion for conservation has led her to join more than 50 expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica. Through her images she hopes to touch the hearts of the viewers, because as she said, “Science is the brain while photography is the heart.”

Daisy’s goal is to capture the essence of the animals she photographs, to create a connection between the subject and the viewer, and to create strong environmental messages through her images.

Daisy said, “My first priority is to respect the animal and to never disturb them. Being accepted by an animal is the best thing that can happen to you.” Evidence of this acceptance is seen in her images and it’s what makes her images so powerful.

Emperor Penguin chick
Aptenodytes forsteri
October 2006

Daisy’s images have won numerous prestigious awards including the Nature’s Best Photography 2016 Grand Prize. Her images are currently on exhibit in the Smithsonian for a full year and they have been widely published, including in a recent issue of National Geographic magazine.

Daisy is married to Canadian watercolor artist David McEown, who travels to the Arctic regions with Daisy and paints plein air while Daisy photographs; both working while wearing their heavy winter gear, but with fingerless gloves, of course, so they can practice their passions, albeit with cold hands. Luckily, Daisy loves the cold.


You can learn more about Daisy and view her amazing images at http://www.daisygilardini.com.

Thanks to our editor, Joan, for putting this profile together!