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The season of cozy sweaters, warm socks, and weekends spent lounging by the fire with a great book in hand has finally arrived. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just embarking on your photographic journey, this list of books will have you falling further in love with the art, craft, and technology of photography. Enjoy!

Five Photography Books for Fall

The Grey Ghost

New York City Photographs

Dan Winters


In this beautifully crafted art book, Dan Winters turns his eye to New York City, collecting 100 black-and-white images he created there in the years after moving to New York from California in 1987 at the age of 25. A highly personal collection, The Grey Ghost reveals an artist finding his voice, discovering “that elusive method that informs the manner in which we perceive and interpret our surroundings.”

Photo Adventures for Kids

Solving the Mysteries of Taking Great Photos

Anne-Laure Jacquart


Look up! Look down! Move around! Everywhere you go, there are great pictures just waiting to be made. Kids love to take pictures. With Photo Adventures for Kids, you can encourage your child’s passion while exploring the art of photography together. This activity-packed book is filled with games, strategies, lessons, and challenges to help your little develop their love for photography!

How Do I Do That in Photoshop?

The Quickest Ways to Do That Thing You Want to Do, Right Now!

Scott Kelby


Scott Kelby, the world’s #1 best-selling photography technique books author, is here with an entirely new concept in Photoshop books—one that’s designed from the ground up to get you straight to whatever it is you need to do in Photoshop right now. Get your answer fast, and get back to editing your images. An excellent go-to resource for anyone working in Photoshop!

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Food Photography

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Appetizing Images

Corinna Gissemann


Anyone who has been inspired to take a picture of a great-looking meal knows that creating a successful food photograph is not easy. Though the food may look amazing, the resulting image can often end up mediocre and unappealing. Whether you want to create great food images for your blog or break into the world of commercial food photography, Food Photography is the perfect place to start your journey. Dig in!

The Photographer’s Guide to Drones (eBook only)

Colin Smith


The Photographer’s Guide to Drones explains everything photographers need to know about drones in order to take their photography to new levels…literally.

Photographer and author Colin Smith guides you in learning how to fly and create photographs using a drone. The book includes chapters covering topics such as practic flight patterns and controller tips that will help readers master the basics; new rules of composition for aerial photography; how to create the best files for both still photos and video; post-processing techniques unique to aerial photography; and much more!

Filmmaking Essentials for Photographers (eBook only!)


To remain relevant and in demand in today’s visually driven world, image makers must learn to craft both still photographs and motion video in order to attract clients. Filmmaking Essentials for Photographers is just the book to get you there! Emmy award winning author Eduardo Angel covers a wide range of tools, techniques, resources, and tips that offer practical input on how to transition to motion. This is not an in-depth book on editing, directing, or even lighting. The goal of this book is to cover the fundamental aspects of filmmaking from a straightforward nuts-and-bolts perspective.

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