Hello 2015, I am thrilled to meet you! January 21, 2015 – Posted in: Photography

It has been a while since I was so excited to see the start of a new year. It’s not because last year was a bad year or that I just won the lottery. Heck, last year was a great year. The San Francisco Giants won the World Series and I landed my dream job here at Rocky Nook. All in all, a pretty solid year!

So why am I so excited about 2015? Good question.

First, I think we are building something great here at Rocky Nook. We have an incredible team at Rocky Nook and create some amazing books. And we just made our team stronger with the addition of Ted Waitt. Check out his post and please join me in welcoming him to Rocky Nook.

Second, there is so much fun stuff happening in the photography community. We are in the midst of a sea change. More and more people are taking up photography as a hobby or a career. There is a greater appreciation of photography as an art form and a realization that it’s the photographer, not the camera, that makes great images. And from a technology standpoint, we continue to see an explosion of mobile photography and the change to mirrorless cameras. All of this means more and more photographs are taken every day, and more people are eager to learn how to master the art and craft of photography.

Finally, we have some big stuff planned for you and are going to have fun working on it. So whether your goal for 2015 is mastering street photography, taking great landscapes, or mastering your new camera, we will have something for you to add to your bookshelves. And who knows, we may even have a few surprises up our sleeves!

Scott Cowlin

Managing Director/Publisher

P.S. We take requests, so if there is a topic or author you are dying to learn more about, please drop me a line!