Keystone Correction in Capture One Pro March 8, 2016 – Posted in: Photography – Tags: , , ,

One of my favorite tools in Capture One Pro is Keystone that’s located in the Composition tab (the one with the cropping tool icon). It’s as easy to use as it is powerful.

To fix this image taken with my iPhone at the San Francisco Palace of the Fine Arts, I clicked on the vertical correction icon in the Keystone panel (you can see it highlighted in orange), moved the guidelines to align with the vertical columns, then clicked Apply. That’s it. Press the V key to return to the selection tool, and the image will stand straight and tall.

Here’s a short video tutorial that shows you how the Keystone tool works in real time. That’s me at the controls. And there’s a full screen button in the lower right corner so you can see all of the details.

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Derrick Story is the photography evangelist for Rocky Nook Publishing.