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Family vacation to the mountains, weekend getaway at the shore, a last minute business trip… these are some of the activities that put us on the road during the summer. And whether you’re traveling by planes, trains, or automobiles, having your kit ready to go means that there will be one less thing to worry about as you head out the door.

For starters, get a bag that you like. I mean one that you *really* like. I find it interesting that some enthusiasts will spend thousands of dollars on cameras and lenses, then stuff it all in a cheap, uncomfortable bag.

For my trip to Chicago next week, I’m packing a Think Tank Retrospective 7. It’s the right size, looks great, and protects my gear. I feel like I can go anywhere with it, and as a result, I do.

Just pack what you need. For most of my adventures, I bring along a mirrorless camera, handful of compact lenses, film camera, iPad, reading material, batteries, a few accessories, and a laptop. That’s about it.

The bag fits under the seat in an airplane, in a cramped bus overhead shelf, and on the floor between my feet in a coffee shop.

A great way to test your packing job is to have your bag ready a week before departure. Carry it with you to the office and around town. After a few days of working out of it, you’ll know exactly what you’ve forgotten, and the things in there that you don’t need.

Shot with DXO ONE Camera by Derrick Story.

Retrospective 7 packed and ready to go.

One item that I recommend, and it doesn’t take up any room at all, is Rocky Nook’s Guide to Travel for Photographers. It’s packed with great tips, such as:

  • Capturing shots on the road (hint: ride shotgun)
  • What to pack, including a checklist suitable for any vacation
  • Shooting suggestions with advice on what to really focus on and what to leave out
  • How to organize, edit, and share your photos once you return
  • And most importantly, how to keep your travel companions happy along the way!

And the best part is… it’s free. Get your copy today, pack your bag, and be ready for summer.

Derrick Story is the photography evangelist for Rocky Nook Publishing.