New Free Travel Photography Ebook! June 9, 2016 – Posted in: Photography

Rocky Nook’s Guide to Travel for Photographers: Make Great Photos on Any Adventure is now available! 

Rocky Nooks Guide to Travel for PhotographersThere’s nothing more exciting than the idea of embarking on a photo adventure. Unfortunately sometimes the images we capture do not do justice to what our eyes beheld. Thankfully, this ebook helps solve this problem. It is more than just a guide filled with travel photography tips you’ve heard a million times before. Instead, is is a helpful tool that provides unique pieces of advice and anecdotes that will leave you feeling satisfied and confident about the photos you’ve captured upon returning home from any trip.

Author Derrick Story sums this notion up perfectly by saying, “As long as our shoulders are strong enough to carry a bag, and our hands steady enough to hold a camera, we want to embark upon that next journey. And maybe this time, finally, come home with images that do justice to this wonderful, vibrant world we live in.”

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