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Last week, Rocky Nook (along with our close partner c’t Digital Photography Magazine) made its first appearance at the very popular Photoshop World Conference and Expo in Las Vegas. The conference is organized and hosted by photographer and bestselling author Scott Kelby. We were ecstatic to have Scott’s newest book, How Do I Do That in Lightroom?, debut at the show with a shipment coming directly from the printer. Scott’s book, along with many other Rocky Nook books, was flying off the table!

The line forms at the Rocky Nook booth

The line forms at the Rocky Nook booth.

In addition to selling books, the show is great for connecting with readers, authors (old friends and new), and industry influencers. Conversations with readers and authors help reveal topics or approaches that we should consider in our publishing plan, and influencers—such as those over at Photofocus—are always fun to connect with to discuss the latest photographic gear and trends.

Photoshop World is one of those very busy shows where there is something happening day and night, from 8 a.m. all the way through to midnight. If you’re a morning person, you’re covered. If you’re an evening person, you’re all set. If you need to sleep at all over the course of four days, you are probably going to miss something.

Photoshop World instructor Glyn Dewis teaches to a packed house.

Photoshop World instructor Glyn Dewis teaches to a packed house.

One of my favorite events at Photoshop World occurred on Wednesday night. Titled “The Art of Digital Photography,” it was a two-hour feast for the eyes, featuring presentations by leading photographers at the conference, such as legendary photographer Jay Maisel. This year’s highlights included powerful and emotionally charged presentations by Dave Black and Jeremy Cowart. Worth special mention was the fantastic presentation by Joe McNally, whose slideshow highlighted a year in the life of an assignment photographer. While many photographers showed great work that was created over many years or even decades, Joe decided to show work shot just over the last year. The quality, volume, and breadth of Joe’s work—just over the course of the last year—was truly fascinating, and the slideshow as a whole was beautiful…and, of course, humbling.

Did you go to Photoshop World? What did you think? And will we at Rocky Nook see you at the next photography conference on the list, PDN’s PhotoPlus Expo in New York in October?

Your humble servants.

The cheerful Rocky Nook and c’t Digital Photography crew.