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The Mindful Photographer

Awake in the World with a Camera

Discover your voice, cultivate mindful awareness, and inspire creative growth with photography. In The Mindful Photographer, teacher, author, and photographer David Ulrich follows up on the success of his previous book, Zen Camera, by offering photographers, smartphone camera users, and other cultural creatives 55 short (1-5 pages) essays on topics...
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David Ulrich


240 pages


7.375 x 9in







  • Introduction
  • Seek Resonance
  • Camera Practice
  • Avoid the Merely Pictorial
  • Pictures are Not About Pictures
  • Visual Learnin
  • First Sight; Beginners Eye
  • The Camera in Your Hand
  • Seeing from the Body
  • Its All About Hormones
  • Attention and Distraction
  • Keep the French Fries
  • Becoming Good
  • Audience
  • Fitting into the Flow of Time
  • Catch the Wave, Not the Ripple
  • Of Time and Light
  • In Space
  • Finding Your Mojo
  • River of Consciousness
  • Why Selfies?
  • When to Put the Camera Down
  • Mindful Sight
  • Creative Time
  • Minding the Darkness
  • Potency of Metaphor
  • Mapping the Internal Terrain
  • What Helps?
  • Analyzing Your Images
  • Sift, Edit, and Refine
  • Sequencing
  • Experiment
  • Become the Camera
  • Music of the Spheres
  • InSeeing
  • Fifty/Fifty
  • Creative Mind and Not Knowing
  • Trust Your Process
  • Digital Life
  • Steal Like an Artist
  • Art is a Lie that Tells the Truth
  • Use Irony Sparingly
  • Embrace Paradox
  • When to be Tender, When to Snarl, When to Shout, and When to Whisper
  • Sharpness is a Bourgeois Concept
  • Learn to Love the Questions
  • The Wisdom of Chance
  • Awake in the World
  • The Cruel Radiance of What Is
  • Hope and Despair
  • Companions on the Way
  • Coherence and Presence
  • Wholeness and Order
  • Creative Intensity
  • Sea of Images
  • The Power of Art

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