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Wild Yeast

The French Baker's Guide to Making Your Own Starter for Delicious Bread, Pizza, Desserts, and More!

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Learn to make your own sourdough starter—and delicious breads and other baked goods! No instant or active yeast required!What if the secret to authentic, natural, and delicious bread comes from making your own starter—the agent that incorporates wild yeast and bacteria into your bread, bringing it to...
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Mouni Abdelli


160 pages









  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Ingredients
  • Chapter 2: Equipment
  • Chapter 3: Making the Starter
  • Chapter 4: The Dough
  • Chapter 5: Sourdough Recipes
  • Chapter 6: Beyond Bread
  • Troubleshooting Q&A

2 reviews for Wild Yeast

  1. This book is a perfect fit not only for people who already know how to bake bread, but for those of us, like me, who are beginners. The book gave me confidence that I can do this!

    The author recommends adding ingredients which will lend color to your bread. Something I would not have thought of and a delight to imagine. We also get a long list of utensils we would ideally have on hand including items with enigmatic names: lava rocks, baker’s couche, and proofing baskets, to name a few. This book is fun to read as well as a learning tool.

    So much to play with in this book. Reading it, I can see how baking bread became such a thing during the pandemic – it’s fun! For example, you can start yeast from just about any vegetable or fruit. Who knew? The author seems to leave nothing out, giving me a sense of security that I can use this book, and this book alone, to make yeast and then go on to the final product. Every step is outlined for us, with variations noted.

    Speaking of actually making bread, the author gives us many recipes for different kinds of bread from fruit and chocolate muesli bread to wild yeast tortillas and everything in between. Most excellent resource! Best of all to my novice mind, the book ends with troubleshooting problems for us. Don’t usually see that in a cookbook and I am happy for it.

    I am definitely putting this book on my holiday gift list for my bread-baking family members. It’s not only a useful resource, it was fun to read.

  2. The wild yeast book is not your average bread book. I was happily surprised with the variety of recipes. I am very interested in trying my hand at the ultra soft pecan brownies and the croissants, oh and the Challah!. The book is really fun to read and has so much information on yeast breads and making a starter. I love the layout and the food photography is beautiful.

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