Summer Camp for Photographers July 19, 2016 – Posted in: Photography – Tags: ,

I was just reading the Why You Should Attend for Photoshop World, that started today (July 19, 2016) in Las Vegas. It’s a pretty good list.

  • Upgrade your skills
  • See the latest gear
  • Get inspired
  • The world’s best speakers are here
  • 7 tracks mean we have you covered
  • Get connected
  • Bring your camera
  • Get your Adobe on
  • You’ll love it


Thinking about this event, and those like it, creates a happy anticipation that I used to feel as a kid right before summer camp. Obviously the activities list was different: instead of a keynote address, we had a big campfire with skits, our photo walks were deep into the back county lasting for days, and there really wasn’t much traffic.

But the excitement of an adventure, learning new skills, and making friends… well, that hasn’t changed.

In an online world, the opportunity to interact directly is satisfying. Rocky Nook’s presence in booth L24 is a perfect example. Yes, it’s fun to browse their books online and download a few. But to stand there in front of large, beautiful displays with freshly printed softbacks is far more immersive. On top of that, you have the opportunity to talk to the publisher, authors, and editors who make this business thrive… that’s really good stuff.

If you’re in Las Vegas this week, be sure to stop by the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and see what’s going on. And if you haven’t been to a photography conference for a while, consider it.

I can remember every one that I’ve attended, just like those great summers at camp.