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My Top Ten Images (Right Now) and Why it’s so Hard to Pick and Share Them

A few months ago, when I started at Rocky Nook, the folks here asked if I would share a few of my photos on the gallery. If you’re like me, you know this started an instant dialogue in my head.

When someone compliments a photo I have taken, or, in this case, asks me to share it publicly, my first reaction is, “Really? But what about… insert a myriad of faults I see in the photograph.” That thought is quickly followed by, “But my work isn’t as good as… insert the 1000s of photographers I admire.”

Then I remind myself that neither of my objections are the point. Photographs don’t have to be perfect. By sharing them I am not saying I am as good as Henri Cartier Bresson. I’m not even saying they are good at all. I’m simply saying they mean something to me, and if I am lucky they might mean something to you too.

So, in no particular order, here are my top ten photos that I have taken.

Well, at least they are my favorites today!

Tomorrow is another story…

Scott Cowlin

Managing Director/Publisher

P.S If you would like to see a few more images that didn’t make the top-ten cut, you can visit the gallery!


Top 10-3

Top 10-2

Top 10-13

Summer Time


Top 10-18

Top 10-15

Top 10-17Top 10-12