OUR WOMEN AUTHORS: Recent and Upcoming titles


In the last year, Rocky Nook has published a plethora books by female authors on a variety of subjects. From Renee Steven’s book on graphic design, Powered by Design, to Liz Kohler Brown’s Hand Lettering on the iPad with Procreate to Jennifer Roberts Diamond Painting Guide and Logbook, we’ve got your new obsession covered!

We’ve also continued to publish an assortment of Art + Craft + Inspiration titles.  Learn to paint watercolors with Volta Voloshin-Smith’s Watercolor Snacks and Rachel Eskandari’s Watercolor Botanic Garden. Discover the finer points of mixing your watercolor paints for bold and subtle hues in Mastering Color Mixing with Watercolors by Isabelle Roelofs. And if you’re feeling a bit wild, check out Michelle Nicole’s Official Unicorn Spit Guide to master painting and décor refurbishment with her unique and colorful “Unicorn SPiT” paints. Finally, check out Marie Boudon’s Dare to Create! to boost your creativity with 35 challenges that will help define and hone your artistic style.

And of course we have fine photography books to help you take better pictures of any subject you can think of! Tamara Lackey’s Posing Playbook for Kids offers ideas for setting up children for the perfect portrait, and Kaylee Greer’s Dogtography will show you how to wrangle your good boy (or girl) into fun photographs with tons of panache. Lindsay Adler’s Boudoir Deck gives you example poses for a sultry boudoir shoot, and Valerie Jardin’s Street Photography Assignments will get you out and about, taking pictures of the city streets around you. For information on getting the best lighting in your shots, check out Vanessa Joy’s The Off-Camera Flash Handbook and Sandra Coan’s Crafting the Natural Light Look.



History features some incredible women photographers that we find inspiring. Take a look at these ladies behind the lens!

Margaret Bourke-White

Called “Maggie the Indestructible” by the staff at Life Magazine, Margaret Bourke-White saw her fair share of action in her time as a photographer. Not only was she the first western photographer granted the ability to take journalistic shots in the Soviet Union, she was also one of the first female war correspondents, and the first woman allowed to work in a combat zone or fly in a combat mission. She took memorable shots of WWII and the Korean War.






Diane Arbus

Known for forging more personal relationships with her subjects and their lifestyles, Diane Arbus expanded how the world looked at marginalized groups of people, such as strippers and carnival workers (among others). She was ahead of her time in her passion for representation, and worked to portray her subjects as incredibly human, despite societal judgment.






Sarah Moon

French fashion photographer Sarah Moon made her way to England fleeing occupied France during WWII. She has shot for fashion houses like Chanel and Dior, and magazines like Vogue. She stands in history as the first woman to ever shoot the Pirelli calendar.










Scott Cowlin, publisher: I’m inspired by Jane Goodall for all that she has done to save the planet and chimpanzees, Stacey Abrams for fighting for voter rights, Dorthea Lange for shining a light with her camera on the effects of the depression and environmental disasters, and my Mom for raising me to respect and admire strong independent women.

Ted Waitt, associate publisher: I’m inspired by my mom! Over this last year, she has written and self-published a small book of essays. It’s been a lifetime goal of hers to write a book and share it with the world, and I’m so happy and proud of her for achieving it.

Lisa Brazieal, project manager: I’m inspired by Georgia O’Keefe; Artist, teacher, pioneer, mentor, and a woman ahead of her time!

Damon Hampson, director of business development and new product: A woman I greatly admire is Fiona Hill, who from a very modest upbringing in a coal mining area in the North East of England, rose to serve successive U.S. governments at the highest level as a foreign policy expert on Russia and Eurasia. She is currently a senior fellow at the Brookings institute.

Kelly Reed, executive editor: A woman I admire is Christiane Amanpour because she’s a fearless journalist who has traveled the world to report the truth. She always impresses me with her reporting.

Mercedes Murray, marketing coordinator: I’m inspired by Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez and her drive and mission and how she’s constantly fighting for the people she represents.

Jocelyn Howell, editor: I am inspired by Greta Thunberg. She is proof that one individual can have a huge impact. She has taken decisive action against the climate crisis, spread knowledge and awareness across the globe, and inspired people across multiple generations.

Maggie Yates, editor: I’m inspired by Michelle Obama, and all that she’s accomplished in her life. Her charisma, kindness, strength, and intelligence are an admirable combination!

Katie Walker, marketing coordinator: I’m inspired by all women who choose to mother/parent/adopt/etc., women who choose to pursue professional and/or artistic careers, women who do both, women who volunteer their time and support other women, and women in all of the in-between and on the margins. Suffice it to say, I find that all women are inspirational and praise-worthy.