OM System "Olympus" OM-1: Pocket Guide

Buttons, Dials, Settings, Modes, and Shooting Tips

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Designed for photographers who haven’t memorized every button, dial, setting, and feature on their OM System "Olympus" OM-1, Rocky Nook’s handy and ultra-portable quick reference Pocket Guide helps you get the shot when you’re out and about.• Confirm that your camera is set up properly with the pre-shoot checklist•...
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Rocky Nook


52 pages


3.5 x 5.125in


Spiral Bound





  • 01 Pre-Shoot Checklist
  • 02 Buttons, Dials, and Screens
  • 03 Essential Modes and Settings
  • 04 Other Helpful Settings
  • 05 Step-by-Step Shooting Instructions
  • 06 Typical Shooting Scenarios

1 review for OM System "Olympus" OM-1: Pocket Guide

  1. I appreciate the fact that this guide is a fairly short, compact guide to help you begin to learn to shoot with your new OM-1 Olympus camera. It’s also just the right size to take with you when you travel. Perfect! And speaking of a guide useful in the field, the first page of content is a pre-shoot checklist, which displays your own preferred settings for various tools including drive mode, image stabilization, picture mode, exposure, compensation, etc.

    With all modern digital cameras I have used there are countless buttons and dials, and it is great that this guide immediately gives you the lowdown on what to use for which purpose. The book is superb at giving shortcuts, so that we can change settings rapidly in the field. There was so much I didn’t know. I found myself highlighting several sections so I can go back to them quickly.

    Without a guide like this, new models of cameras can be confounding. How else would I know that this model now has spot metering separately for highlights and for shadows! Compact as the guide is, it leaves out no essentials. And the size is ideal for just about anybody’s pocket.

    I should mention that the various sections outlined in the table of contents are physically tabbed for very easy reference. Although Olympus‘s instruction manual likely gives much of this information, this pocket guide is better, more accessible, when you are shooting. The book covers the essentials with enough detail to tell you which setting you likely want. Much more useful than the average overstuffed instruction manual.

    In line with the useful nature of this guide, at the end there are several typical shooting scenarios. The guide gives you tips on how to use your new camera, including but not limited to settings depending on what you are shooting and where. An entirely wonderful guide. While it is not intended to cover every detail it gives you plenty to work with when you are first using your Olympus OM-1 camera, or are in the field and need a quick guide — right there in your pocket. This guide will get a lot of use from this photog.

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