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David Busch’s Sony Alpha a7R IV Guide to Digital Photography

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David Busch's Sony Alpha a7R IV Guide to Digital Photography is the most comprehensive resource and reference for Sony’s innovative 61-megapixel full frame mirrorless camera. Capable of 10 frame-per-second bursts even at full resolution, the a7R IV is fast enough for action photography, and its 15-stop enhanced dynamic range delivers...
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David D. Busch


440 pages


7 X 9.125in


Soft Cover- without flaps





    2 reviews for David Busch’s Sony Alpha a7R IV Guide to Digital Photography

    1. (verified owner)

      Last year I got back into photography after many years away with a Sony a6000, and whereas my old OM-2 had a handful of things to adjust, the a6000 had dozens. I eventually discovered David Busch’s book on that and it was very helpful, unlike Sony’s manual. So when I decided I was upgrading to the A7R-IV, the first thing I got was Busch’s new book on this new camera. It is very useful, clear discussions of what all the settings mean, recommendations without being heavy-handed. My copy is liberally marked up with tabs so I can find the subject areas I need. I don’t do video, so I can’t speak to how useful that part is, but if I get a new camera sometime, and he has a book on it, I’ll get that too.

      And, if you ask, would I get it again, well, I did! The first copy was from an un-named large vendor, and when I discovered that Rocky Nook had it available in e-book format as well, and liberal discounts, I got it again, and have it (and several other Rocky Nook titles) on my phone, so I don’t have to carry around my entire library! I definitely recommend this book, and Rocky Nook.

    2. (verified owner)

      Highly Recommended book for any owner of a Sony a7RIV

      When you make a significant purchase of a new camera as sophisticated, complex and powerful as the Sony a7RIV, I firmly believe that you also need to invest the time to truly understand how to use the camera. Without this knowledge you limit your creative potential. Now, I am one of those rare individuals who actually reads manufacturer instruction manuals! However, as David Busch correctly points out the simple User Guide provided with the camera and even the online Help Guide Sony publishes, are average at best. I found David’s book on the Sony a7RIV to be very well written, easy to follow, with a good chapter structure, clear and precise illustrations and enjoyable to read! I learnt things from David that I either did not know, or had not fully understood and had quite a few ‘ah-ha’ moments.

      Well worth the purchase and thanks to Rocky Nook for a great website and fast service.

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